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Community Facility Financial Feasibility Report finished in Brown County, Texas

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

November 20, 2022, NYC

MMCG Invest, LLC recently conducted a Financial feasibility report according to the USDA Community Facilities Programs RD Instruction 1942-A, Guide 5 for the Brownwood Public Library in Brown County, Texas, and USDA Brownwood Service Center.

Brownwood Public Library was seeking a feasibility study to support its loan and grant request from USDA.

MMCG Invest, LLC conducted a detailed 100 pages financial feasibility study within five business days. During that time:

· We understood how the library operates,

· Analyze and rationalize provided documents, including financial statements,

· Gathered market data, including competing libraries in the same service area,

· Explained demand for the Brownwood Public Library,

· Explained and calculated the need for the Brownwood Public Library,

· Provided detailed financial forecast and demonstrated financial forecast, including Debt Service Cover Ratio,

· Run and presented sensitivity analysis for the projection of the financial performance of the library.

What was challenging about this project was the need to understand how libraries serve a relatively small area, explain their role, and rationalize their performance.

Two parts were essential. To explain the demand for a community facility and the need for the community facility.

Demand for the community facility was proven by the detailed calculation of demand per capita, considering the established service area.

The need for the facility was based on the demand and considering local adjustments, also as changes in the population, demographic income, and other factors.

Are you looking for a Community Facilities feasibility study or a financial feasibility report? MMCG serves feasibility studies for multiple industries. Our delivery time is about 5 to 7 business days. Contact us to discuss your project and how we can assist you during your USDA loan or grant application.


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