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Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Feasibility Study

MMCG Invest is a Recreational Vehicle/Camping Parks SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loan program feasibility study provider using unique know-how.

Are you:

  • A loan seeker supporting an SBA 7(a) or SBA 504 loan request for RV Park development?

  • A lender seeking financial or feasibility study?

  • An investor or developer exploring a property purchase or new development?

  • An investor or developer requiring an independent feasibility study?


We are pleased to serve you our market research or a feasibility study to help and support you to make the most profitable solution.


Our SBA Feasibility Study concerning your RV Park project includes: 

  • Detailed analysis of tourism in the area, including location-specific trends in RV,

  • Analysis of supply and demand within the influential area,

  • Analysis of competitors' historical occupancy, asking rates, and amenities,

  • Estimated occupancy of the subject project, including seasonality, considering its location.


What do We Perform:

  • Prepare a detailed financial projection based on your site's potential,

  • Conduct debt service cover ratio (DSCR) to present your investment potential,

  • Present Economic and Financial feasibility reports, including a 10-year pro forma, IRR, PV cash flow, ROI,

  • Provide detailed market supply/demand studies.


Contact Us

Have a particular challenge you're trying to deal with? Let's discuss your project and see what we can do for you.

166 Geary St Ste 1500

San Francisco,

California, 94108

+1 (628) 225-1110

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