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Car Wash Feasibility Study

MMCG Invest is an expert car wash feasibility study consultant serving the whole US.


Are you looking for a car wash feasibility study for the SBA 7a or SBA 504 loan program? MMCG Invest provides third-party independent car wash feasibility studies required by the SBA (Small business administration) to support your SBA loan request. 


An Independent car wash feasibility study for a 7(a) or 504 SBA loan program may be required by a lender or the SBA. MMCG is a qualified SBA feasibility study provider which provides feasibility studies to support your loan request. 


What needs to be included in the SBA feasibility study?


  • Executive Summary

  • Economic Feasibility

  • Market Feasibility

  • Technical Feasibility

  • Financial Feasibility

To determine the demand for a car wash, we use several approaches, including:

  1. Conduct Market Research: We conduct a survey or focus group on gathering data from potential customers about their car washing habits, including frequency, preferred locations, and prices they are willing to pay for car wash services. 

  2. Analyze Competitors: Research the competition in the area and determine their market share. We observe the number of customers visiting their car wash, the quality of service they provide, and the prices they charge. This helps us as one of the factors helping to estimate the demand in the area.

  3. Observe Traffic: Observe the amount of traffic in the area and identify any areas with high traffic. This helps you determine the potential demand for a car wash in a specific location.

  4. Assess Demographics: Analysis of the demographics of the area, including income levels, age groups, and employment rates. This helps us to determine the potential demand for a car wash and the type of services that would be most attractive to the local population.

  5. Analytics Tools: Access to online analytics tools to research the search volume for keywords related to car wash services in the chosen area helps us to determine the level of interest in car wash services in your area.

Our assessment includes: the funding needs to complete the project, the market opportunity, government regulations, risk factors, strengths and weaknesses, the management team, and the financials of the company. We also closely analyze traffic flow, competition, and adjustment factors as detailed demand versus supply conditions.

Our detailed financial feasibility is beyond competition and presents your investment performance. We include 10-year Pro forma, Sensitivity Analysis, DSCR, IRR, NOI, ROI, and Monte Carlo Simulations.


Contact us for a free consultancy to discuss your market conditions. 

Automatic Car Wash

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