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Marina Feasibility Study

MMCG Invest is a Marina Feasibility Study provider with years of unique know-how. 


Are you:


Developer, planning the new marina construction?

Developer, looking for funds for a marina construction?

Investor looking for an independent opinion on the financial performance of the marina project?

Loan seeker, who needs to support his loan or grant request with a marina feasibility study?


MMCG Invest provides a third-party independent feasibility study required by the SBA (Small business administration) or USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to support your loan or grant request. 


MMCG is a qualified SBA and USDA marina feasibility study provider which provides feasibility studies to support your loan request. 


The backbone of our work is a detailed analysis of demand for a marina project on the proposed site. To determine demand and occupancy for marina slips, maintenance services, or additional services, we use our datasets with a combination of third-party data and demand generators.


Local demand analysis further considers competitors, their capacity, quality, and pricing. 


What is the content of a marina feasibility study?


  • Executive Summary

  • Economic Feasibility

  • Market Feasibility

  • Technical Feasibility

  • Financial Feasibility

  • Management feasibility


The scope of the work depends on additional factors, as is a loan or grant type.


Our detailed financial feasibility is beyond competition and presents your investment performance. The financial feasibility section includes 10-year Pro forma, Sensitivity Analysis, DSCR, IRR, NOI, ROI, and Monte Carlo Simulations.


Contact us for a free consultancy to discuss your market conditions. 

Marina slips

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