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Site Selection Analysis

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MMCG Invest is a commercial real estate advisory with years of a unique know-how in site selection planning. We serve multiple industries from hotel to self-storage, fueling, RV parks, housing, and retail.


We combine our databases with the most accurate data, including all major data providers, to establish the site with your project's best demand or occupancy. This allows us to conduct site selection beyond the competition. 


The key to success is to know your influential area and your competitors. We work with consumer spending trends, industry forecast trends, and all local location specifics.

Gasoline Pumps

A detailed competitor overview is always presented. We compare competitors' services and compare them with price strategies. This leads us to estimate the right asking price and modify offered services of your project to reach the best financial performance. 
Our site selection report includes a detailed financial feasibility analysis. Choose your site based on a precise financial performance. 

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The backbone of our work is the determination of financial feasibility through detailed financial analysis. 
This section of our feasibility study presents a detailed 10-year income statement forecast and financial metrics of your project, including Pro forma, DSCR, NPV, IRR, and others.
An Independent review of development costs is presented, as well as an estimate of effective revenue, cost of goods, operational expenses, and fixed expenses. 

The financial projections include estimated revenue streams and expenses (such as cost of goods sold, utilities, wages, e. g.). The projection reflects estimated construction/acquisition costs and is a basis for our 10-year pro forma and analyses of Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), Net Operating Income (NOI), and other performance indicators. MMCG charges for a detailed site selection analysis with a detailed 10-year financial forecast from $3,500. The estimated time of delivery is about 5 to 7 working days. 
Contact us for a free consultancy to discuss your market conditions. 

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