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Affordable Housing Feasibility Study

Unlock the Potential of Your Development Project with Our Affordable Housing Feasibility Studies


Are you:

  • Seeking market research for affordable housing project?

  • Real estate developer looking for an affordable housing feasibility study, 

  • An investor who is looking for a housing market with HUD voucher conditions for a proposed project,

  • Lender, seeking independent qualified opinion for the affordable housing project,

  • Seeking an affordable housing feasibility study for an SBA 7(a), 504 loan program or USDA or other grant development.


Our goal is to assist you in determining not just if the project is feasible but, thanks to our analytic insight, to determine the best use, unit dispositions, and the size of the facility. With a keen focus on maximizing efficiency and profitability, our studies provide the foundation you need to make informed decisions to develop an affordable housing project. 


Why Choose MMCG for Your Affordable Housing Development?

Understanding the Market: We delve deep into market trends, demographics, information from authorities, and competition to ensure your affordable housing development is positioned for success.


Data-Driven Strategy for Industrial Success: To evaluate the potential

success of an affordable housing project, we will analyze:

•    Industry Trends: We research and present current trends

in the multi-family, apartment, and HUD vouchers market. 

•    Competitor Analysis: We identify existing housing facilities

within your primary market area. We analyze their quality, pricing,

occupancy rates, and overall overview.

•    Demand Estimation: Based on our research, with the

combination of the CoStar and Moodys Analytics datasets, we

estimate the potential demand. We deeply analyze factors of

demographics, population changes, income profile, and housing options.

•    Location Analysis: We assess the suitability of various locations

based on accessibility, driving radius, proximity to target customers, and


•    Collected data and analysis are elaborated into informed decisions

on whether there is sufficient demand and whether the project is viable.

•    Data Synthesis and Decision-Making: Compile and interpret the

collected data to make informed decisions on market demand and the

overall feasibility of the assisted living project.

Cost Estimate: We are able to estimate qualified cost estimate of

your total project cost based on the size, materials, and overall quality

of your project, from the roof material to the total count of the plumbing

within your building.


Financial Clarity: Our financial projections are prepared to the bankable standard.

•    Market assumptions from the best available datasets are used to determine revenue streams. This includes analysis of the actually leased competitors' units and their additional revenue (fees for pets, laundry, late fees, etc.)

•    Operational expenses are based on the actual cost of the nearby facilities. From utilities to real estate taxes and CAPEX, we are able to forecast the precise expenses for your project.

•    Summarized data are used to calculate:

o    Loan to cost ratio (LTC), Equity injection

o    Debt Service, Debt Service Coverage Ratio

o    Pro Forma

o    Discounted Cash Flow

o    Sensitivity Analysis, Break Even Analysis


Risk Assessment: We identify and mitigate risks, ensuring your project progresses smoothly.


Our Expertise: Your Advantage

With years of experience in real estate and affordable (HUD vouchers) housing development, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and insights. We're committed to providing you with the data and analysis needed to make decisions with confidence.


Ready to Get Started?

Embark on your affordable housing development journey with a solid foundation. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how our feasibility studies can transform your project from vision to reality.

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