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Feasibility Study Consultants

Identify your opportunities and understand market-specific risks to make a successful business decision.

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What we do

MMCG Invest is a feasibility study consultant providing site selection analyses and feasibility studies for individual projects, ranging from hospitality through self-storage facilities to retail and fueling stations. ​Our analyses reflect years of unique know-how.

Our feasibility studies are conducted to support your loan underwriting requests. The reports are also often used to present your project's financial forecast to potential investors or partners in joint-venture. 


SBA Feasibility Study

We help make location-specific business decisions with confidence. We identify and analyze opportunities and risks.
Our work starts with determining the project's primary market area. Our deep understanding of multiple industries, access to detailed industry-specific data, and experience with complex analyses allow us to create or review financial forecasts of your businesses.

Detailed analyses of demographics, competitors, and supply/demand within your influential market area are always carried out. 

The backbone of our work is a detailed financial analysis. Our outcomes contain an independent 10-year forecast of your project. 

We start with the development of an independent cost calculation. Gross income is estimated based on your project's size and other factors.

Further, gross income is reduced to effective income by considering demand and absorption factors, competitors' services, and pricing. Independent cost of goods and operating expenses are calculated. 

Our financial forecast supports your loan request or presents your investment plan. 

SBA Feasibility Study Sample
Projects in numbers, which our insight supported:


Total construction cost ($)



Total loan amount ($)

Total Gross Built Area (SF)

Site Selection Analysis

Site Selection Analysis compares includes competition analysis, market conditions, purchase costs and includes a financial forecast. 

The estimated time of delivery is about 5 to 7 business days.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study includes competitors analysis, supply/demand within the area, and detailed 10-years estimated financial projections. 

The estimated time of delivery is about 7 to 12 business days.

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