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California Feasibility Study

Seeking an expert feasibility study consultant in California? MMCG Invest, LLC is your go-to source, extending our services across California and nearby regions. Our in-depth feasibility studies are designed to furnish you and your lender with a complete understanding of every vital aspect of your real estate development project. Undertaking a feasibility study is a critical step for businesses and developers who aim to make well-informed decisions about their ventures.


Our services encompass a broad range of feasibility studies, including:

  • Affordable Housing

  • Apartments

  • Hotels

  • Marinas

  • Multi-Family Developments

  • Offices

  • Retail Spaces

  • RV Parks

  • RV Storage

  • Self-Storage Facilities

  • Senior Housing

  • Warehouse/Industrial/Flex-Space

We proudly cater to SBA loan programs in California. Our reports offer a meticulous analysis of various project dimensions – market trends, financial feasibility, legal compliance, environmental considerations, and potential risks. These studies provide a comprehensive view of the project's viability and profitability.


Our approach ensures the identification of potential challenges and opportunities, guarantees optimal resource allocation, and aligns project goals with realistic outcomes. This is indispensable for real estate developments, new business initiatives, or expansion projects.


Economic Feasibility: We delve into the economic indicators of real estate projects, covering site overviews, local demographics, income trends, legal aspects, and labor force requirements. This helps gauge the economic sustainability of your project and align it with your site's potential.


Market Feasibility: We evaluate the local real estate market's current and future scenarios, examining demographic shifts, economic factors, housing supply and demand, competitors, and pricing strategies. This enables us to assess the market's receptivity to your proposed development, whether residential, commercial, or mixed-use.


Our market research utilizes leading datasets to provide:


  • Time on the market before leasing and unit absorptions

  • Rate analyses based on local leasing trends

  • Demand/supply forecasts and occupancy predictions

  • Competitor overviews and benchmarking

  • Detailed rate analyses for your project

  • Technical Feasibility: We assess hard costs (direct construction expenses), soft costs (indirect expenses like design fees and permits), and financial costs (associated with project financing). Accurate estimation of these costs is vital for a comprehensive budget and the project’s financial sustainability.


Financial Feasibility: This section evaluates the monetary aspects of the project – funding needs, capital sources, cost analysis, and revenue projections. We conduct cash flow forecasts, breakeven analyses, and ROI estimations to ascertain financial viability and potential risks, ensuring informed decision-making for investors and lenders.


Our financial feasibility analysis includes:


  • Operating cost evaluations based on nearby facilities

  • Revenue assumptions from comparable market conditions

  • A ten-year financial projection

  • Debt service and coverage ratios

  • Net Present Value and Discounted Cash Flow analyses

  • Internal Rate of Return and Sensitivity Analysis

Ready to begin your feasibility study in California? Contact us with your location, and receive a complimentary market overview the next business day.


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