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USDA Champions Equitable Food Access Through New Partnerships

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The USDA has partnered with Reinvestment Fund to expand the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (HFFI). This strategic collaboration tackles a critical issue – equitable access to healthy food – by supporting 75 local organizations across the country.

Why is this Important?

Many communities, particularly those facing lower income disparities, struggle with access to fresh, nutritious food. These "food deserts" create significant barriers to health and well-being. The HFFI partnerships empower local organizations to bridge this gap and ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a healthy diet.

Empowering Local Solutions

The 16 diverse partnerships selected by the USDA and Reinvestment Fund represent a wide range of regions and communities. This localized approach is key, as it allows for tailored solutions that address the specific needs of each area. Initiatives can range from data-driven market research in New Mexico to providing grants and technical assistance to underserved communities in West Virginia.

Examples of Innovative Projects:

  • The New Mexico Healthy Food Financing Fund Partnership will leverage data insights to strengthen food distribution channels within the state.

  • The Appalachian FoodWorks Partnership will equip communities with the resources needed to improve food access, supply chain resilience, and economic development.

  • The Atlanta Food Access Investment Initiative will specifically target food deserts in Atlanta by offering financial and technical assistance to retailers, with a focus on BIPOC-owned businesses.

  • The Pacific Northwest Resilient Food Systems Partnership will strengthen regional food systems, ultimately improving access to healthy food for underserved communities.

Looking Ahead: A More Equitable Food System

This partnership between the USDA and Reinvestment Fund represents a significant step forward in creating a more equitable food system. By fostering collaboration at the local level and empowering community-driven solutions, we can work towards a future where everyone has access to the healthy food they deserve.

Stay Informed:

To learn more about the HFFI partnerships and how they're impacting communities across the US, visit We encourage you to stay involved and explore ways you can contribute to building a stronger, more just food system for all.

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